Google's Chrome browser is now officially available as a beta, offering the promise of increased speed, security and usability. During a conference call and Webcast with the press today from the Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif., Google trotted out a line-up of engineers to explain what is new for Web users and what Google hopes to gain with Chrome.
Sundar Pichai, Google's vice president of product management, said the name Chrome itself is indicative of the key value that Google is aiming to provide with the new browser. Chrome is the space where the user interacts with the browser in the traditional Netscape/Mozilla view of browsers. It's an area that Google is aiming to minimize for usability.

"Chrome is kind of an ironic name for our product," Pichai said. "Our view is that the browser is just a tool for people to interact with applications that they care about so browsers should not be self-important. We wanted to make sure that people were forgetting why they are using a browser."
Google has introduced something called the OmniBox which integrates the traditional browser address bar with a search box.


* One box for everything
* New Tab page
* Application shortcuts
* Dynamic tabs
* Crash control
* Incognito mode
* Safe browsing
* Instant bookmarks
* Importing settings
* Simpler downloads