At long last, owners of the Samsung BlackJack II smartphone will be able to update their handset to Windows Mobile 6.1, bringing the following changes for the masses.

* Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 (AKU1.0.1)
* Pocket Internet Explorer, 7.11
* Microsoft Voice Command v1.6.19
* Microsoft Office Mobile (including OneNote)
* TeleNav & MobiTV capable
* Modified UI with updated text & icons in several areas
* Enhancements to improve call quality (Qualcomm patches)
* Fixed, Several Bluetooth improvements for BTCK including Peiker, Nokia, Audi, BMW, and others
* Fixed, Several Bluetooth issues relating to BTHS Jabra, Motorola, Samsung, and others
* Fixed, BT audio routing
* Fixed, Audio playback issue /w certain applications
* Fixed, Video Calling problems
* Added, Track Wheel speed values
* Added, Sliding Media Pane
* Added, Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP) for Bluetooth
* Added, Leap year calendar patch for wallpaper
* Added, Integrated BMW iDrive Patch
* Removed, Good Messaging Application

Folks who want to update their Samsung BlackJack II can always head on here.