LG Prada II 5-MegaPixel Camera Phone - First Look Preview
LG Prada II: According to the press release that was unfortunately leaked (for some, anyway) the design team at Prada will be more involved in the UI design of the handset, plus will be adding some catwalk-approved themes, ringtones and accessories for the Prada II handset..

LG has once again collaborated with fashion house Prada to launch the dubbed Prada II handset. The new device features an absolutely astounding lineup, including a full Qwerty keyboard, 7.2Mbps (yes, that's 7.2Mbps) HSDPA and a stunning 3-inch WQVA 400x240 pixel touchscreen. Also thrown into the new LG/Prada offering is a 5-megapixel camera, with a flash and autofocus we are desperately hoping, and full HTML web browsing.