Astro Miner 1.2
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista.
Publisher's description of Astro Miner
Astro Miner takes place far above the earth's atmosphere, where a group of scientist uncovered the means of extracting precious metal resources from the surface of an asteroid. Numerous mining teams were sent to the asteroid to collect these resources but they did not count on one thing, hostiles. Ralph will learn how to work the equipment left behind by the mining workers. Platforms, ladders, lifts, springs, and thrust pads just to name a few. Mastering power up usage will be vital to Ralphs progress through out the 30+ levels which cover 3 huge regions.


On his journey Ralph will discover bonus areas, new power-types, boss monsters, new weapons, and new plat forming elements. To add even more excitement we've added a touch of rpg element to the game, Ralph will uncover achievement tokens through the playfields, at the end of each level Ralph will be able to purchase upgrade traits that permenttly effect the character. Version 1.2 has smoother frames per second, save game bug fixed, and better game balance.