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Thread: My Angel Of Love

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    My Angel Of Love

    My Angel Of Love

    There are not enough words in our language
    To describe my love for you...
    Only God knows the depths I would go
    To prove my love is true.

    For when he opened heavens doors
    And let me find your heart
    I found an angel who lost her way
    In need a of brand new start..

    God guided us to each other
    With hands gently from above
    He told all his angels,
    Now watch them fall in love.

    He knew what he was doing
    For this love was meant to be
    He wanted us together,
    All the angels began to see

    Our love will be blessed,
    We'll have riches beyond anyone has known
    For our love is richer than all golds
    Just look how our love has grown..

    So if you ever doubt my love,
    Look how we came to be
    God gave us both a chance
    He opened heaven's doors for me...

    The angels sang out in heaven,
    God bless this love below
    For without your guidance
    This love would never grow.

    I found an angel who lost her way
    In need of a brand new start
    God opened up Heavens doors
    To let me find your heart...

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    Hi,,ajmal ji...aap ne bhi suru kar diya likhana....ya copy and paste..... nice to read..thanks for this starting..kee it up...

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    ajmal ab tm kiya ker rahe ho... copy paste k ilawa? cheater

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    This is great!

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