Bigfoot, Texas, USA
Most of you are probably thinking that the town was named after the legendary monster, Bigfoot.
Sorry to burst your bubble but there is no story about a hairy Sasquatch grabbing and…

… eating the locals.
The town was named after William A. A. (Bigfoot) Wallace, a resident of the community.

Blow Me Down, Newfoundland, Canada
According to local legends, this towns name was given by Captain Messervay. Messervey was an unusually small captain who only stood at 4’2’ and upon his ships arrival into the Bay of Islands, which is surrounded by huge mountains, he prayed that they wouldn't "Blow-me-Down".

Bonanza, Colorado, USA

In 1880, the town of Bonanza popped up that fall. The name originates from the optimistically named Bonanza mine when one of the prospectors told his friends, "It’s a Bonanza, boys!" and the name stuck.


Celebration, FL, USA
This town was a planned community that was developed by The Walt Disney Company. Disney hired top architects to develop the plans for the town of Celebration. Maybe they can get “Kool and the Gang” to sing “Celebrate Good Times, come on…!”

Climax, Michigan, USA

The original name of this town was Clima Prarie, named by a group of settlers who had settled down in 1835. So how did the town get its name? Here is the climax of this story (pun intended). Once again the post office changed the name to Climax when it began rural mail delivery.