If any part of the body gets injured then have you noticed that all other body parts of the body start helping it. Suppose my elbow is hurt. The brain immediately starts giving instructions, common one of your accomplish is injured and needs your help. The other hands supports that hand. Donot worry my counterpart, I am there to help you. One leg asks to completely rely on it. Do not worry, I am also there to look after you. The heart starts beating more faster because it knows that body needs more of blood, more of oxygen and if the brain feels that the body is not able to bear the pain, it makes the body unconscious so that other people can help the body. You might have realised that not even a single body part complains why you are in pain. In the same way, in your society, in family or at work place where you are employed or doing business, if you feel any of your associates is in trouble, help him or her without complaining so that a beautiful society can be created.

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