The Influence Of Our Thoughts, Intentions And Attitude On Our Destiny

Apr21 by muslimah
The Influence Of Our Thoughts, Intentions And Attitude On Our Destiny
We constantly carry out actions on this world stage. Each and every action is always motivated by an intention, and has an attitude and behavior connected with it. According to the intention and the attitude with which we carry out a particular action, the action will return to us in a beneficial, negative or neutral way – the law says so. Nobody is above the natural laws of cause and effect. These laws function each time that we think, feel or act. For example, if we have a negative thought and we water it with our attention and develop it for an hour, or if we get up in the morning with negative thoughts and these thoughts remain in our consciousness for some time, this negativity will return to us. As a result, perhaps we feel depressed or angry, with a headache, a weakened immune system, little energy and we have a bad day.
Our thoughts affect us, other people and matter. Thoughts also affect the environment. Children and animals pick up the vibrations of others; sometimes they go spontaneously to a stranger or at times keep a distance from someone who is known to them. Some pet owners do not trust a specific person if their pet, say a dog doesn’t like the person or keeps a distance from him, because pets have higher perception powers. Being in harmony with someone’s vibration means that we pick up the quality of their thoughts. A person with a good vibration thinks positively and carefully. On the other hand, a person with bad vibrations, perhaps, has a lot of anger, hatred, ego and laziness in their thoughts and attitude.
We can define three basic types of actions:
1. Actions which are impure, negative and unclear.
2. Actions which are pure, positive and clear.
3. Actions which are neutral.
Impure actions are those that are influenced by negative intentions, anger, ego, bitterness, fear, rage, revenge, lust, attachment, dishonesty, greed, laziness, jealousy etc. Positive actions are influenced by good intentions and attitudes. They are actions ruled by kindness, forgiveness, love, joy, peace, humility, generosity, sweetness, empathy, trust, unity etc. Neutral actions are not dictated by a negative or positive consciousness and do not cause a negative or positive result. Everything remains as it was. If we do something with the intention of bringing benefit to someone but it does not give the result we desired, we will not receive a negative return, because our intention was good. However, if we carried out an action with the intention of hurting someone, with emotions of revenge, and that action did not hurt the other in the way that we wanted, we will still receive the return of the energy that you have radiated.
We have to pay, or, in other words, we have to reap what we have sown, through our actions, attitudes and intentions. This is called paying off karma. That is, we have to settle the accounts in order to clean the soul of the marks left on it by its negative actions or intentions. We also reap the fruits of the good seeds that we have planted.
We all have the most powerful mind with us; kindly use it in the right direction to lead a Happy Life!