Pouring out your emotions into an abyss of an insatiable sink might seem the easiest thing to do when your feeling and thoughts inside you are getting the better of you but, in reality this is hardly an ideal way of getting rid of all excess unwanted energy ,which when explodes inside you,believe me,would be very harsh on you and the people around you.On one forgettable night I was going through a phase so terrible that I cannot garner enough courage to actually put all that down here,it's all very depressing you see.All that were in my head had were blank thoughts,I just refused to listen to what my friends had to say..it was as if there existed a domain of dark,unfamiliar space inside my head which seemed like absorbing and was yet so conveniently deflecting all of that being thrown at it.I couldn't interest my self in anything nor could I engage myself in any sort of an activity.Sometimes you just cannot face the fact that certain things can never change no matter what you do and no matter how hard you tug at them..they remain unaltered,It does pain you and occasionally even tear your heart from your within.It's a period I can describe as emotionally draining and thoroughly harrowing.The worst part of this is the inevitable culmination of this into a dangerous menagerie of "wild" thoughts which are ready to stay but are more willing to escape just like the hot fumes through the fissures.Let these thoughts out and you'll feel better they say,but believe me the after effects are worse than that which you are faced with once you give up on smoking!Well all this does come to an end eventually but why this happens I can't quite seem to figure out and this is not the end of the story because I am more than sure that there is another bout of painful experience just around the corner ready to overpower me.What can one do when a gun is pointed right at one's temple...are you going to run or just wait for the bullet to go right through?.What exactly can one do when faced with such a situation,this is the answer I am willing to seek,come what may.I am willing to look for the elusive answer in every possible place,be it the depths of the hells..or the lofty eternal realm of heaven.