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Thread: 2,500-yr-old gold earrings found

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    2,500-yr-old gold earrings found

    2,500-yr-old gold earrings found

    London, Aug 18: An archaeologist has discovered gold earrings, a ring, and other funeral gifts that date back to the 5th century B.C., roughly 2,500 years ago, while excavating a Thracian tomb near the village of Kushare, about 280 km from Sofia, Bulgaria.

    According to a report in the Evening Standard, Bulgarian archeologist Georgi Kitov, who specializes in Thracian cultures and is well known for his controversial excavation practices, such as using earthmoving machines, made the discoveries.


    Last year, his team unearthed a gold mask belonging to a fourth century B.C. Thracian King in southeastern Bulgaria.

    Some of the oldest examples of gold jewellery and artifacts have been discovered in Bulgaria and it’s Black Sea coast is considered the birthplace of the world’s metal production.

    What are Bulgaria’s borders today were part of several ancient civilizations, including Thracian cultures that existed from the 5th millennium BC up to the end of Roman rule.

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    woww amazing yar...

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    I wished I could have found those Earrings.............

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