A must watch small film which tells the story of Amethi under Congress's rule and how Dr. Kumar Vishwas has taken it upon himself to reach out to the people of Amethi, understand their concerns and fight against Rahul Gandhi. Dr Kumar Vishwas left his vibrant lifestyle as a poet and entered into politics to serve his motherland. His fight against Rahul Gandhi is to end the dynastic politics of Congress for which Amethi as well as the country suffered since Independence.
Dr Kumar Vishwas has been in Amethi for more than three months now and has been to more than 1000 villages, listened to the problems faced by people of Amethi and even got attacked mutiple times by Congress goons. Kumar Vishwas has made a permanent place in the hearts of people of Amethi and with the kind of support he has, he is all set to beat Rahul Gandhi. The only obstacle to defeat Rahul Gandhi is funding. While Congress is pouring crores from their unknown funding sources, we solely depend on your contributions.
We have raised around 15 lakhs till now but we need to raise 70 lakhs for Amethi which is the upper limit for election expenses and we won't be asking or spending more than that. This money is necessary to reach out to the people of Amethi, for even printing simple pamphlets, as Amethi is a vast constituency with scattered population. We hope you'll come forward and make whatever contributions you can, to not lose out on this golden opportunity of rooting out the greatest symbol of dynastic politics in this country.

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