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Thread: Eithad offers ultimate luxury on superjumbo !!!!!!!

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    Eithad offers ultimate luxury on superjumbo !!!!!!!

    Eithad offers ultimate luxury on superjumbo

    Haseeb Haider

    The service will be offered on the first A380, which will be deployed on Abu Dhabi-London sector.

    Etihad Airways has developed ultra luxury private spaces to pamper its passengers raising the bar from December this year, when A380s and B787 Dreamliner will join the airline.
    The airline will offer three new products including The Residence, which offers privacy of a living room, a double bed room, even a private shower and an attentive personal butler to serve its ultra rich passengers on A380s. The service will be offered on the first A380, which will be deployed on Abu Dhabi-London sector, said James Hogan, chief executive officer of Etihad Airways.
    The high net worth individuals, business executives flying on Airbus A380 and Boeing 787s Dreamliner will enjoy the luxurious comfort in an all-encompassing private space that allows them to relax, be entertained, dine, socialise and work.
    The superjumbos will also feature the First Apartments offering a complete living space with a reclining lounge chair and an ottoman, which converts to become a separate 80.5 inch long fully-flat bed, says the chief executive. Hogan said the innovative products will force his competitors to ‘scratch their heads.’
    The First Suite on the B787 offers enhanced suite with chilled mini bar, complete privacy and centre seats which can be joined to create a double bed.Etihad Airways will also launch its new Business Studios, which provide 20 per cent more personal space than the airline’s current business class seat, the chief executive said.
    Etihad Airways’ design vision was to bring the individuality and exclusivity of a luxury boutique hotel experience to the sky in a way that embraced Arabian Modernism, an aesthetic that combines the traditions of the region with contemporary design, James Hogan said. In all entry-ways in both aircraft and in all cabins, the galley equipment is concealed behind custom Arabic fretwork screens and blinds, while the trolleys are covered by elegant wood-finish doors, setting a stylish and welcoming environment for all guests.There will be two Residences on A380s, nine First Apartments and 70 Business Studios with total seating capacity of 498.
    With the launch of these new fleets, Etihad Airways will also redefine and rename its cabin classes.The Business Studio and Economy Smart Seat will feature on both the A380 and the B787. The A380 aircraft will have full mobile and Wi-Fi service while the B787 will be equipped with Wi-Fi.
    James Hogan, Etihad Airways’ president and chief executive officer, said: “These new living spaces will raise inflight product and service standards to their highest level yet in commercial aviation and alter air travellers’ expectations of in-flight comfort and luxury forever. “Etihad Airways’ A380 and B787 will deliver the most advanced airline cabins in the industry, while meeting all weight, range and cost targets at our desired seat count. This will allow us to offer products unparalleled in quality and style, yet at competitive prices across all three cabins.”
    Eighty per cent of the new product offering is a direct result of the feedback and information garnered from these workshops, he said. New Economy Smart Seat will offer a unique ergonomic fixed-wing headrest, giving guests a place to rest their head for added comfort and relaxation.
    Source: Khaleej Times.


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    good share , thanks

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