Radiopaq Rp5 radio

Radiopaq's Rp5 radio is touted to be the first in the world that enables the owner to look for music via various categories such as name, genre, country or even language from the site, playing those selected tunes directly without the need for a computer. Of course, this means you will need a wireless connection somewhere (presumably of decent speed to boot), but we all know that free Wi-Fi hotspots are getting more and more common each day. The Rp5 will also come with an "Info" btton that provides you with additional trivia. Of course, in case there is no Internet connection and you still want your musical fix, the Rp5 comes with a built-in FM receiver and the ability to work with an MP3 player through the USB port. Each Radiopaq Rp5 will retail for £250 as it hits stores this September in the UK.