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Thread: I Will be Waiting for You

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    I Will be Waiting for You

    I will be waiting for you . . .

    When you are lovingly talking to me
    I feel all the stars are around my eyes
    I feel you are mine.. you belong to me
    I am forgetting all my world & my tears

    You can't realize but when I close my eyes
    I feel always you are talking & smiling inside
    when I spend few minutes with you so lovingly
    In the night my sleep give up me for so many hours

    I have lot of mistakes in my life
    lots of tears and sorrows..
    which are so difficult to over come
    so difficult to correct any day

    Promise me you will not think of me so much
    because one of your tear can burn my heart
    I need your smiles , I love your smiles so much
    Do you know.. tears are so familiar to my heart

    If one day you could come to me
    If my life will not be finish
    remember I will be waiting for you
    as today with eyes full of love . . .

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    hmmmmmmmmmm..............haaaaaaaaaaaa..........I can feel the fragrance of Love in this poem Ash.......really so enticing...

    Just tell me the source...who is inspiring you this so eagerly waiting to hear...will you tell me...?????...hihihi.......Best Wishes to Both Of you...Let Luck always smile on you....and make you dreams fulfilled!

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    coz of u ashu ..we all can enjoy the sweetness of love

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