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Thread: One day I should go . . .

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    One day I should go . . .

    I know one day I should go
    But the only thing I know

    Your heart is the starry heaven
    Your voice can bloom thousand roses

    Your love is a dream with many angels
    But I know one day I should go..

    You came from my dream world
    Your eyes were shining as gold

    I couldn't help my heart I know
    I know.. one day I should go..

    But the only thing I know

    Nobody did care of me as you did always
    Nobody talked to me as soft as you always

    Nobody could touch me as smooth as you did
    Nobody could make me love as hard as you did

    But so hardly I know
    I know.. one day I should go

    My sweet heart
    Without you how should I go

    But I know.. I know.. one day I should go . . .


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    hihihi............nowhere u r going ashu ji......Ur life is where ur happiness leaving that happiness how could you go...Can you....? So change ur thought of going somewhere...ok....???? kidding yaar....

    anyway nice post.....

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    hmm ya love is not leaving in the middle ashu....od will help u and u will go till the end and be happy ..coz all hard part done don't be afraid for last few steps

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