Reasons: Vegetarianism


· Digestive Reasons

o It takes 24-27 hours for red meat to digest in our stomach. It takes vegetables, legumes, nuts, and fruits less than 12. Do you think that our stomach uses less or more energy for the vegetables? Less. It takes a lot of energy to digest meat, regardless of species of animal. Why do you think that carnivores such as lions, mountain lions, and bob cats sleep so much? Because digesting their food takes so much energy.

o Take a look at our natural hunting tools. Compare our weak, brittle nails to the claws of a Puma. Do you think that we could tear apart another creature with our bare hands? Now look at our dull, rounded teeth next to the razor-sharp ones of a cougre. Our teeth are that of herbivores; our front incisors were made to tear the skin off of fruit, not off of cows. Our canines were made to shred nuts and legumes to pieces, not swine and poultry. Our intestines are about 10 to 11 times our body length; regular herbivores are about 10 to 12 times the body length. Regular carnivores are 3 to 6 times the body length to pass the meat through their body before it has time to rot. Think about that. Our intestine track is so long that meat is rotting and fermenting inside of it. How freaking sick is that?

o Now you may say to yourself, "We've been eating meat since the dawn of time!" or "We invented tools so that we can catch animals and kill them", but think about it. Back when we ate meat as cavemen, our foreheads were friggen' huge and we had reduced facial muscles so that we could open our jaw wider to eat all that meat. We have obviously evolved since then. As for the tools, nature gave us everything that we need to survive. Nothing more, nothing less. If nature wanted us to eat other living, moving animals then she would have given us natural tools to do so. You don't see people walking around with spears for arms, do you

· Health Reasons
Not only is meat and dairy chuck full of saturated fats and cholesterol, but our society has also decided to fill it with pesticides, hormones, and plenty of other chemicals all for the sake of production. Farmers fill their dairy cows with hormones to make them produce more milk. We drink the milk. Do the math. Girls, who should naturally start their period around 14 to 16, are now starting it around 9 to 13. Does that sound healthy to you? The cow produces its milk for her calf, who is going to grow about 10 times its weight in the next year. Instead, the milk is consumed by humans. Since the humans are not going to grow 10 times their size in the next year, all that milk fat goes straight to their hips, thighs, and waist. (By the way, excess fat on humans is NOT healthy)

· "But meat is full of protein!" "But milk is full of calcium!" "But they both have essencial nutrients!" Bull. People will say whatever comes to their mind when it comes to defending their carnivorous diet. Yes, meat is full of protein, but protein isn't limited to meat. Protein IS essencial to the human diet, but is also found in dark greens and many other herbivores foods. Believe it or not, humans only need about 20 to 40 grams of protein a day, opposed to the 60 to 80 grams that protein-shake sellers and the beef industry tell you. As for the calcium paranoia, milk actually has so much calcium and protein that it STRIPS your bones of calcium! How screwed up is that? Your proof: researchers studied an African community that didn't consume milk and found that none of their elderly suffered from osteoporosis! One of the neighboring communities that did consume milk had elderly people that did.

· Moral Reasons

o I know that you may say to yourself that animals were made for us to consume. You may say that they don't have a soul, or that they don't have feelings. You may also say that they don't think. I'm just telling you that those are all lame excuses that you tell yourself just because you like the taste of their dead, rotting flesh. That is essentially all that "meat" is. Dead, rotting, decomposing flesh that you stick in your mouth. I don't care what religion you are, it is possible for us to co-exist with animals. They were not made for us to consume. They were made to graze the earth, and to live.

o Do you think that the millions of cows, pigs, and poultry slaughtered every year go into the slaughterhouse willingly? Do you think that they don't hear the last cries of the other animals inside there? That their hair doesn't stand on end, that they don't do everything in their power to escape the hellhole that people call "humane"? If you do, then you are terribly wrong.

o So you think that animals are just dumb, lame, and stupid things that are only made for our consumption? Well here are some interesting things to think about: Adult pigs' intelligence have been compared to that of a three-year-old human'. The can play video games, solve problems, and their loyalty is equal to that of a dog's. Pigs form complex social groups that are compared to the complexity of primates'. They enjoy massages, basking in the sun, recognize their names, and dream.

o Cows are gentle, intelligent creatures that form social groups compared to packs. They have very different and complex personalities. They remember things for long periods of time, and enjoy intellectual challanges. They also scream and fear death.

o Think about all this. Whenever any of these animals are being slaughtered, they feel pain. Forget humane methods. They can hear the screams and distress of all the animals on the production line before them, and are therefore terrified. All of this pain and distress, all for a little flavor! Think about it. You are eating all of that distress, pain, and grief.

I didn't write this post to convince you to become vegitarian or vegan,

I wrote it to explain just a few of the reasons behind it

If you are still going to eat meat, at least you won't be ignorant about it now.