Whether you plug it in, turn it on, or synch it up, chances are you've got an electronic gadget in your life. We are nation of beeps and tweets which connected to the rest of the world. But what would happen if all of a sudden we became unplugged? That's what 200 journalism students from the University of Maryland were asked to do. Give up their electronic connections for 24 hours and keep a diary of how it feels. The results: "Not only they use words like addiction and independency and patrol, but they literally reported physical and mental states that would associate with people who are addicted."
Can we be addicted to our mp3s, computers, and smart phones? Psychologists say sure. So much so we know longer relax and relate to one another. And even worse, many electronics like TV and video game causes to be sedentary, which isn't good for the body. Intrigued by the results, Doctor Moeller took the experiment global, asking students from universities overseas to give up their gadgets. "Actually some countries seem to have an even tougher time unplugging than Americans did." So put the laptop down from time to time. Doctors recommend for helping interaction: get off the social network and begin socializing with one another face to face.

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