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Thread: Inupiatun: In the Manner of the Eskimo

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    Inupiatun: In the Manner of the Eskimo

    Inupiatun presents a record of a gradually vanishing way of life. The film was photographed in 1979 along the arctic coast and in the west delta of the Mackenzie River in Canada's Northwest and Yukon Territories. With its release in 1981 Inupiatun won numerous awards and since then it has been recognized as a document of significant historical importance.
    In the years following its initial presentation, Inupiatun has been distributed through educational channels. Over the last decade, Cinetel Films, the original producer of Inupiatun, has undertaken a High Definition restoration of the 16mm documentary, with the aim that it may find a broader audience using digital distribution.

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    its wonderfull to see these people how close they live to the nature far away from this world full of pollution and processed foods

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