The silence of Congress & BJP on the Delhi HC judgment which held them guilty of accepting foreign funds makes it clear that they are hand in glove on the issue of taking huge financial favours from corporate houses in return of providing them undue benefits wherever these two parties are in government.
Are the Congress and the BJP in a position to come clean on the following questions :
Can Congress deny that it has received nearly Rs 10 crore as funds from foreign source in violation of the law between 2003-04 and 2011-12 ?
Can BJP deny that it has received almost Rs 20 crore foreign funds over the same period ?
Why is home minister Mr Sushil Kumar Shinde silent after the Delhi High Court found his ministry to be giving a wrong explanation on the foreign funding of the Congress and the BJP ?
When AAP, which came into existence barely 16 months has put all funds received by it on its website for the public to see, why are Congress and BJP so secretive about their funds and sources ?
Can BJP deny that it has even received foreign funds from the Dow Chemical Company, which acquired the Union Carbide Corporation, that was responsible for India’s worst industrial disaster - the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

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