24 four-year-old acid attack victim Laxmi, who goes only by her first name, has found love with social activist Alok Dixit, 26. Alok has embraced Laxmi despite the scars on her face, and the duo are now taking up the cause to fight against acid attacks. The couple is now running a campaign 'Stop Acid Attacks' and helping victims of brutal acid attacks. In 2005, 15-year-old Laxmi was attacked by a jilted lover, who poured a glass full of acid over her face in broad day light in a Delhi market. Her face was disfigured and she faced severe social stigma and was 'rejected' by the society. Laxmi became the face of women's rights struggle as she went on to file public interest litigations in India's highest court, seeking changes in law and asked government to take steps to stop acid attacks on women.

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