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Thread: Working Hard

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    Working Hard

    working hard

    Whether you're a musician, a writer,
    an athlete or a businessman;
    There is no getting around it.

    The only way -
    You are going to get anywhere in life,
    is by working hard to achieve your dreams.

    If you do, you'll win;
    If you don't you won't.

    walk the walk

    You have to walk your own walk in this life.
    And as you are traveling down your road;
    Don't look down at your feet.

    Keep your head up and your eyes focused
    on the road that reaches your goals.

    Grab the oppurtunity


    Opportunities - Small or Big. They come and go.
    Some will be easy to take advantage of, some will be difficult.
    But once we let them pass in hopes of something better,
    those opportunities may never again be available.

    Always grab the first opportunity.

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    pretty encouraging....

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    nice post Rose...

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    Quote Originally Posted by naturalelegance
    pretty encouraging....
    Thanks Ele

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    Quote Originally Posted by hemasnair
    nice post Rose...
    Thanks Hema

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