The Indian government has finally agreed that mobile phones and towers are dangerous to our health. It can cause memory loss, concentration problems, sleep disturbances, stomach related problems, etc. A 8 member group formed by the DOT (Department of Telecommunications - INDIA) has clearly said that there is a direct link between mobile phones and health problems. India has adopted the ICNIRP guidelines for mobile tower radiations i.e. 4.5W/m2. Recently these limits have been reduced to 1/10th of these values i.e. 0.45W/m2. But according to the Bio-Initiative Report there is extreme health concern at even 0.001W/m2. So it is required to immediately reduce these limits to 0.1W/m2 and progress to 0.01W/m2 in the next 1 or 2 years. Prof. Girish kumar from IIT Bombay and Ms. Neha Kumar - Biological Expert share their views on the current condition of mobile phone towers in India and their effects.

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