Micron Hails Fast and Cheap SSDs
Somehow the term fast and cheap doesn't seem to gel well together when it comes to Solid State Drives (SSDs), but somehow or rather Micron aims to marry the two adjectives with their new C200 line of multi-level cell (MLC) flash storage. This drive is able to hit a theoretical read speed of 250MB/s, while offering write speeds of up to 100MB/s. Notebook manufacturers can choose from 2.5" or 1.8" versions, where the former can hold up to 256GB of data while the latter has a maximum limit of 128GB. The C200 SSDs will connect to the corresponding notebook via Serial ATA, and they ought to ship sometime this fall. There is no word on pricing, but as with anything new, they ought to cost quite a pretty penny before the law of mass market economics kicks in..