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Practicing positive thoughts can make a huge impact in your life. But it could also have a very negative influence on your experience and way of living. It will all depend on the method that you're using. If you have a good system to follow, then you don't have anything to worry about.

If you don't have one, the only thing you will cause is to gradually change your emotional state form normal to frustrated. Practicing Positive Thoughts just by forcing repetition without belief will just irritate and annoy you.

It's like having someone correcting you while you're driving, eating, showering, speaking, thinking, etc. It will almost feel like a mental critic / enemy that keeps attacking you every chance it gets.

This will gradually affect your character and personality without you even noticing. This happens because the act of simply repeating a phrase or pretending to have a state of mind that you don't believe in will eventually drive you insane. If your reality is not matching your positive thoughts you will begin to feel irritated. The problem here isn't you, is the system that you're using; If the system is not correctly structured, then you will just loose your time.

So, what you need to do is to find a system that has the key ingredient for positive thinking, which is belief. Believing in something will be enough to keep you in a positive state of mind no matter what the situation is. And belief is achieved with emotions. Emotions are the base foundations of any positive thought. If you don't mix emotions with your positive thought nothing good will happen.

Emotions will inject passion and energy to your positive thought that will help you develop an unstoppable winning attitude toward achieving your goals. This new way of thinking will directly influence and affect your actions subconsciously. What this means is that you will start behaving and taking actions that will accelerate your goal achievement. You won't be able to stop yourself. It will be like running you on autopilot.
The way to mix positive thoughts with emotions is very simple.

You need to do your positive thoughts exercises alone in a room. While you think of the specific positive thought you need to feel the feeling of its completion. Let's say it like this: If you want rain, you shouldn't just think positively about it or wish for rain, you must imagine the rain falling on your body, water sliding down your cheeks, the fresh sensations and the sounds, the smell of the wet ground, the thunder.


You have to see it as if it already was here. This exercise will have an enormous positive impact in your personality, plus your vibration will change in accordance with that belief, attracting all the necessary tools that you will need to accomplish the desired vision.

It's not that difficult to do. Give it a try and see how your emotional state changed immediately while doing your positive thoughts.

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