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To be successful in every task, you need to have values which you bring
into that task. Whenever I have to do something let me do it with
love, truth and honesty. Let me not be something inside, and something
different outside. This will show through to others. Let me speak
less and do more. Let me do things with peace. So in order to receive
this gift of peace from God, no matter what the circumstances, let me
have true feelings inside and always have the desire to be peaceful. I
am a soul, an embodiment of knowledge, peace, love and bliss. By being
blissful, there is peace in the head and love in the heart - for the
self, for God and for others. People have so many things in their
lives, but if they haven't learnt this, then what's the use of all
those things? Keep this gift with you, and let it show on your face,
so that everyone can see it.