submitted by our friend
William Yeo

My dear friends,

While still sorting out the mess I was in when my computer hard-disk crashed, I took this opportunity to reflect on my life. You can delete this email if you like, if you feel that you already know all you need to know about life.

Now that many of us are “senior citizens” and are, metaphorically, waiting for the coach to bring us Home, what have we learned about “Life?”

Below is my understanding, my perspective based on my beliefs and understanding. I would not label it as the truth The TRUTH is within every one of us.

“Do not be attached to this world,” was the advice from Buddha. “Attachment leads to cravings; cravings lead to sufferings.” But humans misunderstand what this meant and believe they are here to suffer. This is a misconception that results from negative thinking.

“We are not of this world. Live in this world but do not be of this world,” is another advice from Jesus, saying it in another way. Jesus learned Buddhism when he was in the East for many years. Buddha’s teachings were on “principles of life” without making references to the word ‘God.” Jesus was an accomplished yogi by the time he returned to his people.


We are AWARENESS or commonly referred to as CONSCIOUSNESS which is non-physical and non-visible (i.e. emptiness without ego-self), being ONE with the consciousness that encompasses the entire universe, the All Knowing God.

The above clearly indicate that we are not the physical body. With the power of the mind to create and the understanding of the intellect to learn, we use our body and its emotions to play our role in human life. We interact with all of humanity, nature and environment with our limited senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch to slowly and eventually evolve and move towards enlightenment.

Words and languages with all its human theories and concepts, beliefs and dogmas, religions and knowledge of God, belong to this world and which are used along our journey of human life. This has given rise to numerous misconceptions, misinterpretations and misunderstandings leading to various differences, disagreements, quarrels, fighting and killing which in turn are often contrary to or which contradict the different religious teachings.


Each one of us has our own reasons based on our perspectives which are influenced by our beliefs. I leave to each of us to state our own perspectives. Whatever they may be, let us NOT “agree to disagree” Let us be open-minded and respect each other’s perspectives.

From what I know about the creation of our human body and the creation of earth with the entire universe, the complete creation on physicality can only be described as unique, wonderful, beautiful, superb, etc. beyond words.

Where the non-physical part is concerned, i.e. the spiritual dimension of God “was, is, and ever will be.” God has no beginning and no ending, the alpha and the omega. So are we, the spirits in God. We, too, are eternal without beginning and ending. We, too, were, are, and ever will be.

With God’s nature in us and with eternal life, let us enjoy our role in whichever way we choose.

The question now is …….HOW CAN ANYONE EVER UNDERSTAND OR IMAGINE WHAT GOD IS with all the spiritual, physical and the other different dimensions that we have yet to understand, WITHIN GOD?

GOD is beyond human thinking, beyond words and languages. How is God to be explained to humanity, other than by use of mythologies, illusions and concepts including beliefs which need to include faith?

It is believed that God is ALL-THAT-IS, seen and unseen, and there is nothing else besides God. All-that-is includes all the collective consciousness of energy that exists whether we are aware or not, of its presence.

I was a Roman Catholic. In 1964 (about 50 years ago) I renounced the religion because I disagreed with its teachings. I am now without an institutionised religion as I believe in life and to me life is God. I do not need to go to Church, Temple or Mosque, as my body is the “temple of God.” I do not need to pray, as God has provided me for whatever I need.

I respect the religious beliefs of other “faiths” as no one can truthfully say this is right or this is wrong. To me, everything is that it is. It is neither right nor wrong.

Life is ALL-THAT-IS. To me, Life is God. Anyone who believes in Life, consciously or subconsciously, believes in God. It can be said that even the illusionary ego-self, believes in God, as it fights to survive to overcome the death of the body.

As every one of us continue to live on, we learn more and more of the wonders of life and continue to appreciate the beauty of life. Without hesitation, I accept life as the God of unconditional love, unconditional peace, unconditional freedom, unconditional happiness and everything positive.

I would never agree that God has any negative attribute and hence I would totally affirm that God is NON-JUDGMENTAL and in reality, there are no sins, punishment or hell. How could any human believe that God issued the Ten Commandments or that God could send a part of itself to be punished for all eternity in hell?

The mythology of Adam and Eve and the forbidden apple was meant for humans to understand that every human could create and attract the negative energy and had to bear the consequence of the negative reaction. We reap what we sow. Consequences for our actions should not be considered as “rewards or punishments” This is the reason for continuous reincarnation until we understand and be enlightened. There was no original sin.

Some of us wish to stay on longer to enjoy human life and are in no hurry to be enlightened. Let these humans be as they wish as time is only an illusion. We choose our own path….to focus more on BEING or more on DOING.

Feel free to comment or say whatever you like. I stand to be corrected. Know that there is no right and wrong. Humans do make mistakes. It is just a term depending on what humans agree upon among themselves. It can be said that everything in life depends on human thinking.

Have a nice day.