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Model and actress Sherry Shah got married a month ago to Malik Anwar Awan. However, after a month of staying with him it turns out Malik Anwar Aawan was not the person Sherry Shah thought she married. He had lied to her about everything from his family to what he did for living.

Anwar Awan had told Sherry Shah that he was a doctor by profession, Hafiz-e-Quran, and also a politician which were all a lie. It turned out that he was already married before and has children.

Malik Anwar Aawan with his gang misused major politicians and influential people’s names to cheat people and used government number plated cars, although have nothing to do with the government.

There were other women who have been victimised by Malik Anwar Awan

"I myself am a witness of this fraud man (Fake Dr) Malik Anwar Awan's frauds committed with Sherry Shah, so many other male and female senior Artists and so many other innocent girls and would also like to confirm the same for General Public. (Fake Dr.) Malik Anwar Awan admitted all his cheating and frauds in front of me."