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Thread: Freeing Some One You Love from Alcohol & Other Drugs

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    Freeing Some One You Love from Alcohol & Other Drugs

    Freeing Some One You Love from Alcohol & Other Drugs (Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad/Murree)

    Willing Ways invented modern Addiction treatment & success in Alcohol & Drug Addiction treatment is based on years of research & studying what works in Addiction recovery. We treat each person who comes to us with respect, while providing a safe place in which to heal.

    Our treatment philosophy is based on the recognition that Addiction is a disease & that abstinence is the best way to manage the condition. We approach treatment in a holistic way, working with mind, body & spirit as components of a healthy life. Alcohol & Drug Addiction treatment is delivered by a team of Professionals representing many disciplines including Nurses, Physicians, Psychologists & Psychiatrists.

    The theme of the Willing Ways Research is pathways of recovery. Willing Ways dealing with your Shame growing in Self—esteem, Overcoming deprivation, Sharing recovery with your love one, getting beyond your fatal attraction long enough to find relationships that work.

    “Willing Ways” A Project of Sadaqat Clinic (Since 1980 — Consulting, Treatment, Intervention, Suicide Prevention & Recovery Management).

    SADAQAT CLINIC LAHORE started its operations in 1980 when Pakistan was suddenly hard hit by Heroin ‘epidemic’ & bravely took the responsibility of making public aware that Addiction is very much treatable at any stage even when an addict is not willing. Today SADAQAT CLINIC is a trusted leader in the field of Treatment, Intervention, Training facilities & publishing Educational Materials covering different aspects of ALCOHOLISM & ADDICTIONS of all types.

    SADAQAT CLINIC KARACHI was opened in 1994 on great demand of Karachites who had to come a long way to Lahore in pursuit of recovery from addiction & alcoholism. It not only proved to be a convenience for the people of Karachi but also people from interior of Sind & Baluchistan.

    SADAQAT CLINIC MURREE was opened in 1995 in line with the tradition of western & American treatment centers which are normally located in serenity of hilly areas. It has specialized in the treatment of overseas Pakistanis from Europe & America. A special wing of SADAQAT CLINIC MURREE serves as the only treatment center for Manic Depressive Illness & persons afflicted with suicidal ideation.

    Dr. Sadaqat Ali, a graduate from Dow Medical College, Karachi is a recognized professional in the field of Addiction. He has a background of training at “HAZELDEN”, Minnesota, USA. In 1992 Dr. Sadaqat Ali did an official tour of America in connection with comparative study of addiction treatment on the invitation of government of America. He is the project director of Sadaqat Clinic Lahore, Karachi & Murree. His name was included in international “who is who” professionals directory in 1999. This is the first ever distinction of any Pakistani doctor. He frequently appears on national television as well as Geo, ARY Digital channels for exclusive interviews & panel discussions. He is the most sort after speaker amongst the companies like Lilly, Abbot, Neutro pharmaceuticals, Himont pharmaceuticals, Service Industries, & institutions like Punjab University, Govt. College University Lahore, Iqra University, Punjab Public Library & ILM. He is author of many books & pamphlets on the subjects of Addiction, Diabetes & Management.

    We have personalized Recovery Program for your own good. We will teach you how to react with:
    Anger, Guilt, Shame, Self—Hate, Worry, Hurts, Fury, Bad Mood, Sharp Tongue, Bad Day, Negative Thoughts, Disturbance, Self—Esteem difficulty with Self Assertion, Peculiar twist of Personality, Trigger Isolation, Emotional/Physical Illnesses, Suicidal & Homicidal Fantasies/Confusions, Violent, Temp out bursts, Fingernail biting, Hand wringing, Anxiety Disorders, Worrying, Obsessions, Low Self—Worth, Injective Addiction, Tobacco Addiction, Intimacy & Relationship issues, Anger, Emotional growth, Spirituality, Healthy aging, Co—Occurring Disorders, Bi—Polar Diseases, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Gambling Addiction, Sex Addiction, Grief & Bereavement, Rejuvenates Hopes, Personality Disorders, Overwhelming Feelings, Incestuous Relationship; et cetera.

    Willing Ways have resources for coping your Pain, Guilt, Rage, Bitterness, Hatred, Fear, Chaos, Depression, Helplessness & Despair Reign.

    Willing Ways Controlling Gestures, Self—Image disturbance, Lack of Serenity, Lack of Peace; etc. Remember your most important product is you.

    Willing Ways also have Short Crash Courses before & after Marriage for Groom & Bride, Self—Esteem Course & Assertiveness Classes for Happy & Healthy Life.


    We can change your Past, Present & Future with new choices; so don’t face Shame & Guilt that binds you; Come On to Willing Ways.

    “Willing Ways” (Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Intervention Resources).
    •Dedicated to improving recovery from Addiction by conducting Clinical Research, Collaborating & Communicating Scientific findings.
    •Address the Complexities of Addiction & Recovery across the continuum of care.
    •Individual & Group Counselling, Multicultural Counselling, Mental Health Complications & Adolescent Development.

    Last, but not the least; Recovery from Addiction is possible, there is Hope & there is a Life beyond the Pain.

    More Information & Queries!

    (M.Sc, M.A, LL.B)
    “Willing Ways” Karachi—Office: 29/1, Khayaban—e—Shujaat, Phase—V, D.H.A, Karachi—75500; Pakistan. Phone # 009221—5363629—30. Cell: +92300—2176393.

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