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    Torch Browser

    An all-in-one Web browser is nothing to sneeze at, but Torch Browser isn't going to pry you away from Chrome or Firefox. While it has options that make sharing and social media a breeze, Torch Browser just isn't unique enough to win people's hearts. It lags in performance and its major features aren't worth making the switch.
    Torch Browser tries to carve out its niche by being an all-in-one Web browser. This means it can be a media player, a torrent downloader, and a place to combine all of your social networks. However, it doesn't do any of those things well enough to replace what you currently use. Once you get over the novelty, it becomes obvious that Torch Browser isn't that powerful as a Web portal. It's noticeably slower than other browsers and it doesn't have the same sort of add-on support. The layout is just a rip-off of the open-canvas setup of other, more popular browsers. None of this is to say that using it is all a bad experience. Torch Browser still runs circles around Internet Explorer and would be a major upgrade there.
    While not a threat to Firefox or Chrome, Torch Browser is easy enough to use and might just impress Internet Explorer users. Heavy downloaders might enjoy the torrent downloader and media player that come with it, too.

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    Click here to download Torch Browser


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    Basic controlling are shown for Torch, much easy to use and also powerful browser.

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    Latest Music can be listened from internet by clicking on "Music" icon.

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    Built-in Torrent downloader can downloads torrents from multiple sites.

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    Videos can be easily downloaded by clicking on "Video" button.

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    Get unlimited unblocking by changing your IP with Hola; just click on "Hole" icon and choose your country and now your browser is unblocked.

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    Settings and Extensions can be easily accessed from "Main menu" of Torch Browser.

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