Do you know why AAP is protesting? There were several back to back incidents related to women's safety which forced the AAP government to rethink whether the Delhi Police was there to protect citizens or to harass them.
Apart from the rape of a Danish Women in Central Delhi and inaction against drug and sex racket in Malviya Nagar, the Women & Child, Social Welfare and Languages minister of Delhi, Rakhi Bildan, protested against burning of a women in Sagarpur for Dowry and came across the harsh reality when the SHO blatantly refused to act on the complaint. The video speaks volumes about the current state of police and administration in Delhi.
Can a society, whose women are being subjected to rape, murder and trafficking, be called a civilized society? More so when those who are responsible for protecting and maintaining law and order are those who are most apathetic towards women?
Isn't it time that all of us raise our voice for a more accountable police. A police from whom the women can expect safety and not harassment?
Join Arvind Kejriwal? at Rail Bhawan to fight for a more accountable Delhi police. A Delhi police which should be answerable to the women and people of Delhi and not someone sitting in his bungalow in Leytens zone.

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