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    Metal Slug

    Metal Slug is a run and gun video game developed by Nazca Corporation and published by SNK.
    Gameplay is very basic; the player must shoot constantly at a continual stream of enemies in order to reach the end of each level. At this point, the player confronts a boss, who is usually considerably larger and tougher than regular enemies. On the way through each level, the player can find numerous weapon upgrades and "Metal Slug" tanks. The tank is known as the SV-001, which not only increases the player's offense, but considerably adds to their defense.
    In addition to shooting, the player can also perform melee attacks by using a knife and/or kicking. The player does not die simply by coming into contact with enemies, and correspondingly, many of the enemy troops also have melee attacks. Much of the game's scenery is also destructible, and occasionally, this reveals extra items or power-ups, although most of the time it simply results in collateral damage.
    Note: All required tools to play the game are already present inside the archive. So there is no need to download an emulator or bios file.Just double click on "NeoRAGEx 5.0" to play the game.

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    Click here to download Metal Slug


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    Select Metal Slug from "Gamelist" and click on "Launch" button.

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    here are some screenshots of the game:

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