The morning was pleasant
cool fresh air was extremely
delightful, but after some hours
the sun was scorching
in a hot summer day
the wind was blowing hard
grains of sands were flying
here and there very rapidly
the birds were hesitant
to come out their nests
the tiny scattered plants
in the plain have withered
the ants have gone deep
under the earth for coolness
there were no clouds in the sky
to cast a shadow to them all
the plain was shaking
because of sun burning
not enough wind to bring
the wind mills in the motion
the tanks of water have grown empty
standing by them the thirsty cattle
they were hopeless from morning
to evening, about the water
because of heat flies and insects
were teasing them again and again
the roof of wooden houses
were burning because of heat
sweat were oozes out bloodless
bodies of poor people
stinging flies, teasing them all
really it was so painful day
every body were praying
for the rain but there were
no clouds in the sky for the rain
Why and what this is all about
we are spoiling the nature
cutting the forest, spoiling the greenery
increasing the pollution every where
throwing garbage here and there
not saving the precious rain water
not making the dams to preserve
the rain water,not taking right steps
to prevent cutting forest and spoiling the greenery
My appeal is to all the world
take some steps to rid of the pollution
from this beautiful world for free from the heat.

Poetry by: Rabia Iqbal Rabi