This motion art is a gift for those who are in grief, and those who desire to be free from suffering.

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The narrative uses symbols to explain Dhamma and the practice of awareness meditation. For a thorough explanation, please read the following:
1. When we live in grief, we always worry about the past and the future, as if they are happening in the present. This is like the person who keeps thinking of crocodiles approaching him. Whenever we notice the mind that thinks, the thinking process stops.
2. The more we try to avoid and block negative thoughts, the more we dwell on them. If we find a way to relax and become aware of the uneasiness with compassion, we will discover that it is just a state that the mind holds on to. This is comparable to a cloud concealing the mind.
3. To practice awareness meditation, we frequently observe the state we currently experience. We may feel happy, sad, neutral or not knowing what the feeling is. It is not important to know what they are called. All states are natural phenomena occurring in cycles like the sun and the rain.
4. There are times of troubles and times of peace. We need to think to avoid dangers and to function in life, but there is no need to dwell on unchangeable past and delusional future. This is compared to the tiger and snake passing by. They are on another level, signifying the mind that is not obsessed with daily occurrences.
5. When the mind sees the impermanence over and over, it will feel neutral to changes and no longer try to avoid suffering. Once the mind deeply realizes that the cycle of feelings is impermanent, it would lead to the realization that all things, including our body and mind, are impermanent.
6. Practicing awareness meditation is like set sailing. Whether we reach the shore or not is beyond our control. However, we have control of every present moment, and we should feel fulfilled each time we row the boat. This is because the boat is similar to Dhamma. It carries us to the end of suffering and passes on to the next generations.
7. The person living in grief becomes the person who embraces the impermanence. The Buddha himself was born with suffering not different from us. As long as we practice, we are on the path.
8. Art is a combination of lines and colors, not different from the body and mind, which are masses of elements.