PicoP: Better Viewing Experiences from Mobile Devices
Microvision is working with business partners to enable better viewing experiences for mobile device consumers. Sharing photos, watching movies, and giving presentations using the small screens of today’s devices limits our ability to imagine, entertain, and share.
PicoP is an ultra miniature projection module capable of producing full color, high-resolution images but small enough and low power enough to be embedded directly into mobile devices such as cell phones, portable media players, digital cameras, portable computers and more.
For manufacturers who wish to bring to market next generation mobile devices, Microvision provides a PicoP display engine that can meet your exacting OEM requirements. PicoP display engines are engineered for OEMs and made available through our supply chain partners to meet high volume production needs.
Mobile Device with PicoP Display Engine: Mobile devices such as cell phones, portable media players, digital cameras, and laptops can be enabled with pico projection capabilities turning photos, videos, and other content into big viewing experiences that can be shared with others. Embedded pico projectors leverage Microvision's PicoP display engine which at its heart, contains Microvision's patented MEMS scanner. Other technology components include, laser light sources, optics, and electronics. These components are brought to life using Microvision’s proprietary software and expertise.