An adorable video showing newborn twins clinging to each other as they take a bath has gone viral online - clocking up almost 6 million views in a week.

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In the video, the newborns appear to be hugging as maternity nurse Sonia Rochel, gives them a bath together, using a technique that mimics life in the womb.

The technique, called the Thalasso Baby Bath, was invented by Rochel, and involves gently running water on the babies faces.

The twins in the video, a brother and sister, were just a few days old when they had their bath.

Rochel, a 51-year-old maternity nurse from Paris, came up with the idea for the bathing technique when she was in the shower and realised it felt good to spash water on her face

She tried the technique on newborns and noticed it made them move in a similar way to how they do in the womb.
Rochel says the technique should only be used on babies younger than two months, and that parents should not try it at home.