Ever wondered about slathering oil on your face?
Did you know oils have humongous benefits for the skin?
Sit back and relax, I will guide you on how to use oil for your face to keep your skin young and healthy

Best oils for the face - Castor Oil, Almond Oil and Olive oil.
Point to be noted. Oils don't give you flawless skin overnight. You should make it a point to add oil to your daily or weekly skin care regimen to see the desired results. Massaging oils on your face daily will gradually make your skin beautiful and healthy.

How to use:


Before bathing, or before bed time:

Mix up equal amounts of Castor oil, Almond oil and Olive oil in a bottle. Take about 8-10 drops from the mixture, dab it on your face and smoothly massage it for 2-5 minutes. By this time your face would have absorbed the oil to some extent. Leave it on for 5 minutes for the oil to work on your problem areas. You can use a mild cleanser to wash off the excess oil, pat dry and apply your moisturizer or night cream (in case you are doing this at night).

Alternatively, you can leave the oil on your face without using mild cleanser. Instead you use a warm wash cloth to wipe off the excess oil. (A method called OCM - Oil Cleansing Method). But, OCM is not applicable for all, since the oily residue left on the face may attract more dirt and it may also cause breakouts in few.

Personally I prefer massaging my face with oil and feeding the skin with all the nutrients, then cleansing it off with a mild cleanser.

Take Care!
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