This animation My Black and Withe World illustrates my diary. I found this long time after I wrote it as a child. That time, I came home from my studies abroad. While trying to clean up my small bedroom at my parents place, I found many forgotten things,such as a diary and toys, that brought me memories and I kept playing with them for a while in my room.
As I read the diary, I came back to many situations that scared me. I was almost hit by a truck, that apparently did not see me, because I was too small. I was lost and scared to hell in Montreal for a day. I had nightmares. I rediscovered lots of facts. For example, when I was a teenager, I was very perfectionistic about my look.
Nowadays it would not be terrifying for me, but as I read the diary, I was a child again. I felt tired of all the conventions of the human world. However, there were also fantasy stories and games and other ideas. My best time was while playing. I could play for all day without feeling tired. I thought, “how amazing would it be, if I would be able to just play, instead of doing something what makes me tired”. Naturally, I always try to avoid boring work, even tough sometimes it is necessary.
At that time, I was thinking of a theme for a graduation project. I decided to go through the diary and make an graduation animation out of it. The animation finishes with the scene where older me is playing with toys that I stored in my room a long time ago. It was nice work, I was thinking of how to play with composition and shapes while being in memories the diary revealed.

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