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    Quran Auto Reciter

    Quran Auto Reciter provides users with a program for listening and reading the Koran. Thanks to a set of simple controls and excellent sound, this program is a great tool for anyone interested in this classic text.
    This program's interface looks slightly cluttered, but fortunately its various boxes, choices, and the media player all quickly make sense and feel intuitive. In addition, the program has a Help file waiting to be utilized, and anything highlighted in blue on the screen is a click away from a pop-up window with user hints. Operating the Quran Auto Reciter was pleasantly simple, with excellent results. The centerpiece of the program is scheduling five automated prayer reminders. Using simple pull-down calendars, users set the time to automatically recite Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. In addition, playing crystal clear lectures and readings from the Koran is as simple as selecting a choice from the menu and hitting the Play button.
    The program's special features are basic and provide depth to the overall package, which we really enjoyed. Users can read the Koran in several different languages, which was easy to access and utilize. In addition, users can schedule a lecture or reading to automatically play using the same calendaring function as the prayers. Quran Auto Reciter is an excellent program for users who want to hear the reading and schedule them to fit into their life. We highly recommend this freeware download.

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    Click here to download Quran Auto Reciter


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    Select any Surah from The Holy Quran and listen it through media player within Quran Auto Reciter.

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    You can also read The Holy Quran with translation in many languages including English, Urdu, Farsi, Russian, German, etc.

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    Prayers times can also be set according to your local area Azan timings; you can also select desired Azan sound.

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    You can easily add recitation files from internet or your PC by clicking on "Add More Recitation Files" button and then browse through internet to select your desired Reciter of The Holy Quran and download required Surah.

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