WW2 Total 1.1 build#20
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista.
Publisher's description of WW2 Total
WW2 Total is a unique combination of grand strategy and action war game. Up to 8 players have control of the armed forces of the Axis and Allies. At the beginning of World War 2 in Europe in autumn 1939 the player takes over command of the divisions, air units and fleets as well as control of armament production, weapons research and politics. A large 3d World Map is the scene of the gigantic struggle to rule the world. The game is playable in the single player mode against a learning AI (Neural network) as well as in multiplayer mode over LAN or Internet with up to eight players.
Around 200 different 3d land, sea and air units are at the disposal of the players, which can be upgraded to more modern units by research. Combat can be done in real time FPS battles (First Person Shooter, left), where by new battlefields are also added regulary, or animated, calculated battles. Version 1.1 build#20 new look and feel of 3d world map and bug fixings.

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