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    If you do any kind of digital art or design, we can't think of a reason you wouldn't want to have PicPick as your sidekick. This handy set of tools can handle many small yet important design-related tasks without the hassle of opening a full-blown design program.
    PicPick has an attractive, no-nonsense interface that lists all of its features up front. And what a list it is; PicPick's capabilities include a variety of screen capture options, a color picker, a color palette, a magnifier, a pixel ruler, a crosshair, a protractor, and a whiteboard. The program also comes with a basic image editor that can handle tasks such as cropping, resizing, and rotating, as well as a applying a handful of special effects. PicPick's features aren't especially unique, but the fact that they're all bundled together in such a sleek, easy-to-access package makes this program a must-have. We were especially fond of the whiteboard feature, which lets users draw, marker-style, on their existing desktop or on a blank canvas. The options for screen captures are also impressive; users can select full-screen captures, particular windows or regions, fixed regions, freehand areas, and even scrolling windows. The program comes with an online Help file, but most users probably won't need to consult it, as the program's tools are all quite straightforward. Overall, we were impressed PicPick's usefulness and attractiveness, and we recommend it highly.


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    Click here to download PicPick

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    Get all tools for image editing from Graphic Accessories category or you can make new images/edit from "New Task" or Capture any image from "Screen Capture" category.

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    Image Editor is a simple tool as Microsoft Paint in addition to many other features including "Effects".

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    You can easily pick any color from screen with "Color Picker" and use "Color Palette" to get RGB/HTML/C++ values of any color.

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    Get closer look of your screen with Magnifier.

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    Pixel Ruler is also a very useful tool which gives accurate measurements of screen in pixels.

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    Distance between two coordinates can be determined with the help of "CrossHair" tool.

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    Angles on screen can be measured with "Protractor".

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    WhiteBoard is a useful drawing tool on your screen for making any presentations.

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