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    Folder Vault

    Folder Vault is a fine file and folder locker by most definitions, thanks to its abundant style and security. It will keep your private and sensitive files away from even the savviest prying eyes, provided you're good at making secure passwords.
    When starting Folder Vault for the first time, you'll be asked to create a secure password. Once you set your password and log-in, the program welcomes you with a nifty animated interface that does a neat opening and closing animation every time you open it. You can drag and drop files and folders right into the main window for convenience, or find the ones you want to hide from the conventional upload menu. Once your files are inside the program and set as "locked," you can't see them from Windows, which is a big boost for security. The only way you can see your items is to manually unlock them when you have the program running, or set the program to automatically unlock all items when you log in using the Settings menu. In addition, you can also set the program to automatically lock all items when you log off, as well as change the log-in password. Without knowing your Folder Vault password, it would be impossible for anyone to see items you've hidden, which makes this app a good solution if you need to hide important or more sensitive documents, pictures, or videos from anyone else who has access to your PC.
    It's a shame that Folder Vault isn't more popular, because it delivers on its promise to get your files under lock and key. It's extra secure and will protect your files from snoops free of any charge.


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    Click here to download Folder Vault

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    After installation of Folder Vault, you are asked to set a password to protect your files and folders. Enter required password and click on "Submit".
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    Now you can add files or folders by clicking on "Add Items" button and then select file or folder to secure and click OK.
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    Files which are locked can also be unlocked or removed from list by selecting the file/folder and click on "Unlock Selected", "Remove Selected" or "Remove All Items".
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    Settings and password can be changed by clicking on "Settings" button on right top of Folder Vault.
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