So beautiful. Penalized for being nice, but isn't afraid to be nice AGAIN. Well done Jobson and Al Ittihad. True sportsmanship like this is all too rare these days.

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When the Al Nadha soccer team's goalie realized his shoe was untied during a game on Thursday, he frantically called for the referee's attention. The goalie had the ball, and with his big gloves, was unable to tie his shoe.

But the goalie was actually saved by a player from opposing team. Rather than take advantage of the goalie's weakness, Al Ittihad striker Jobson ran over, bent down and tied the goalie's shoe for him instead.

When he was done, the unlikely pair shook hands, much to the delight of the crowd.

But it gets even better. The referee called for a free kick against the goalie to penalize him for holding the ball too long while his shoe was being tied. At this point, the score as 2-2, so a goal would push Al Ittihad into the lead.

But in another gesture of enviable magnanimity, Al Ittihad chose to kick the ball off to the side, once again choosing decency over glory. Both the crowd and the sportscaster went wild.

“This is the kind of high sportsmanship that deserves praise from everyone," the commenter cried. "He could’ve taken the shot if he wanted to, but he opted for sportsmanship instead!"

Perhaps fittingly, the game between ended in a 4-4 tie.

Tariq Mahmoud contributed to this report.

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