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    PDF Impress

    PDF Impress, a new generation of PDF conversion software is using Windows 8 Modern style UI and allows drag and drop files directly to PDF profile. PDF Impress uses print output for conversion into an Adobe Acrobat compatible PDF file. PDF Impress Workroom allows access, organize and batch convert documents with ease.
    Paper sizes up to 129 inches, a resolution of up to 2400 DPI and compliance with the Adobe specifications, and the ISO 19005-1 PDF/A-1b archive standard gives you flexibility in working with PDF you need. You can choose from multiple page sizes, orientations, watermark or stamp insertion, metadata access and file resolutions. It features secure and encrypt PDF documents with 128-bit RC4 or 256-bit AES encryption, add password protection and PDF permissions, sign documents electronically using a digital certificate, email the PDF file automatically with the integrated SMTP client, control the metadata information that is saved to a PDF document, and add a title, subject, author and keywords to quickly find the document you need within your document management system.
    Use PDF Impress Tools to view, print, merge, split, extract, insert, remove, rotate pages, embed file attachments, watermarks, stamps and digital signature, optimize and setup PDF layout. Save time and increase your productivity by using the PDF Impress Watchers to convert multiple office documents to the Adobe Reader compatible PDF format. Convert documents (DOC, DOCX, ODT), spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX, ODS), presentations (PPT, PPTX, ODP), drawings (AutoCAD DWF), web pages (HTML) and email in one click. Setup default settings and custom profiles to control exactly how PDF files are created within your organization and distribute the software through a customized MSI package.

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    Access PDF Impress profiles, where you can select or change your required profile for editing PDF files.
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    After selecting required profile, Click on "Add Files" and after adding files, click on "Convert to PDF", select your required destination and then click on "Save".
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    Click on "Watchers" tab to Add, Edit and Run Watchers.
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    To add task to Watcher, follow the instructions given and make Watchers for required tasks.
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    To access tools click on "Tools" menu, where you can use a wide range of tools to edit PDF files; such as Watermarks, Stamp, Attachments, Insert and Remove pages, Rotate, Extract, Optimization, Security, Digital Signature and Print.
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    Settings can be accessed from "Settings" menu and can be changed as required.

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