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    USB-AV Antivirus

    USB-AV Antivirus Free is a slim, stylish antivirus software that quickly scans any USB drive you connect. Though some antivirus software has this feature, many don't. That makes this program incredibly useful.
    USB-AV Antivirus Free is designed to quickly scan USB drives for viruses when you connect them to your computer. Don't mistake it for full antivirus software, though, as it won't protect your PC from downloaded viruses. The program includes a handy widget that lives in the corner of your desktop, showing you when the virus databases are updated, how many programs have been quarantined, and whether or not your computer is currently protected. You can open the program's advanced menu to see more stats and quarantine files, yourself, if you like. The program took about three seconds to scan a drive and found the EICAR test file on the drive like it should have. In addition to scanning drives, you can change how the program behaves when it finds a virus -- whether it deletes or quarantines it -- and even get pop-up notifications from the program when it needs updating or when you lose protection.
    USB-AV Antivirus Free looks and feels like a full antivirus suite, which just adds to its quality protection. If your current antivirus software cannot scan USB drives, this download is an easy, stylish way to add that protection. The quick scans this program gives just make the deal even sweeter.

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    Click here to download USB-AV Antivirus

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    Click on the arrow to open menu of USB AV Antivirus, which includes: Scan, Update, Quarantine, Reports, Virus Center and Settings.
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    Click on "Scan" icon and USB AV Antivirus will start scanning computer drives.
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    Click on "Update" icon then click on "Download Update" to update USB AV Antivirus from internet.
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    Files which were scanned and found to be a threat would be moved to "Quarantine" folder which can be accessed by clicking on "Quarantine" icon and then files can be restored or deleted as desired.
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    Statistical reports and events (scanning history) can be accessed by clicking on "Reports" icon.
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    Click on "Virus Center" to access Virus Definitions category, where you can add new threats by clicking on "Add new virus".
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    Settings can be accessed and changed by clicking on "Settings" icon from menu.
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