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    Fran Bow

    Let's start with the creepy tale of a little orphan girl finding her way home, developed in the style of a point-and-click adventure. With its dreamy music and whimsical art style, reminiscent of "Alice in Wonderland," Fran Bow wins a spot on this list.
    You play as Fran, a little girl who must escape from a mental institution and track down her parents' killer. Her first task, after escaping, is to find her trusty cat, Mr. Midnight, who can aid her on her journey. During their travels, the two will come across a host of odd characters (both human and nonhuman) that seems straight out of a Lewis Carroll book. Some will help Fran and Mr. Midnight find their way home, but others may have their own agenda.
    Fran Bow is not a horror game in the traditional sense. The game doesn't rely on jump-scares (not to say there aren't any) but instead creates a slowly drawn air of eeriness that you can't shake even after finishing. The storytelling, the puzzles, and the haunting music work together to create a constant sense of uneasiness and keep the game intriguing enough to keep playing.

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    Click here to download Fran Bow
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    Start New Game to play or Continue for resume game.
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    Click on the bottom options while playing for answers.
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    Select any item from "Lost and Found", which can be used, combined or examined.
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    To return or exit the game, click on the key on the right top of screen.
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