1. Black pepper is the most popular spice in the world.

2. Better wine can be produced by the soil being of poor quality. This is because the vines have to "work" harder.

3. Blueberries have more antioxidents than any other fruit or vegetables.

4. Britons eat over 22,000 tonnes of french fries a week.

5. Buffalo wings, got their name because the spicy chicken wings originated in Buffalo, New York.

6. Buttermilk does not contain any butter, but is a cultured milk product which is usually made from fat free milk.

7. By federal law, for a noodle to actually be a noodle it must have 5.5 percent egg solids in it, otherwise it cannot be called a noodle.

8. Caffeine is the world's most popular stimulant.

9. Canada has more donut shops per capita than the United States.

10. Cashew nuts contain oil in the shell that is very irritating to the skin.

11. Chedder cheese is the best selling cheese in the USA.


12. Chili Powder was invented in the 19th century in the American Southwest.

13. Chocolate contains a very small amount of caffeine. A cup of decaffeinated coffee has approximately the same amount of caffeine as in 50 M&M's.

14. Chocolate maker Cadbury uses more than sixty thousand tonnes of cocoa each year, in the United Kingdom alone.

15. Contrary to popular beliefs, chocolate does not cause acne.

16. Corned beef got its name because this beef was preserved with pellets of salt that were the size of corn kernels, which was also referred to as "corns" of salt.

17. Due to sugar shortages to make candy during World War II, movie theatre owners turned to popcorn, which is now the best selling snack at movie theatres today.

18. Dunkin' Donut shops located in the Middle East sell donuts that are fig filled.

19. During the Easter season, 600 million Marshmallow Peeps are bought my Americans. The Marshmallow Peep is the most popular Easter candy besides chocolate.

20. Each year 96 billion pounds of food is wasted in the U.S.