Santok SP500 Bluetooth Speakerphone
Santok has a brand new Bluetooth speakerphone in the form of the SP500, and it is tipped to offer "several advanced features not yet seen in the speakerphone marketplace". I'm not too sure where this outrageous claim is heading, but it apparently has staked the #1 position when it comes to being a visor-mounted speakerphone with caller ID that synchronizes its contacts list automatically with whichever phone it is paired up with. Features include an advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with automatic echo cancellation and a battery life of approximately 600 hours in standby time, and 8 to 10 hours of talk time. Charging sockets are located on either side of the unit, while the LCD caller display can be adjusted to an optimum viewing angle. The Santok SP500 will retail for approximately 39.99.