Kyocera Touch Panel LCD Display
Kyocera will be rolling out a couple of 5.7" LC-Displays that feature transflective technology. These displays will proportionally reflect most of the ambient light, taking it in as a light source instead. This will go a long way in reducing power consumption and making it possible to use such displays even under bright sunlight. The 5.7 V-series transflective type comes with a brightness of 150 cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 150:1 and a wide view angle of 160 (H) and 125 (W) to ensures excellent quality images. The same type of technology was all the rage a few years back when the first iPaq PDAs and even the Sony Ericsson T610 was introduced - then it went away, mostly for cost reasons. It allows one to clearly read an LCD display in direct sunlight. Cool stuff.