Vonage is a publicly held commercial voice over IP (VoIP) network and SIP company that provides telephone service via a broadband connection. The company's name is a play on their motto "Voice-Over-Net-AGE". The company previously used the trademark "The Broadband Phone Company", then later changed it to "Sounds Good". Currently, it is using the trademark "Crazy Generous".

Founded in Edison, New Jersey, they are now located in Holmdel Township, New Jersey. The company first offered subscription service in the United States, then Canada in 2004 and the United Kingdom in 2005. As of July 2011, Vonage claims approximately 2.4 million subscriber lines, in conjunction with their services provided through mobile applications.


Subscribers may choose a number in the country of the service they subscribe to for their primary line, in an area code of their choice. Subscribers can obtain additional "virtual numbers" for a monthly fee. Vonage also offers virtual numbers in Mexico, Canada and Europe. While the company supports porting a U.S. telephone number via the FCC's local number portability (LNP), not every phone number is available in every area code. Additionally, customers can transfer an existing number to Vonage, which can take up to 7 to 10 business days from the time the customer completes the Number Transfer Authorization (NTA)

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