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Thread: Morning Milking, yoga,Donkey Polo and breakfast At Greenfields

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    Morning Milking, yoga,Donkey Polo and breakfast At Greenfields

    Greenfields is a concept country club offering you a way of life parallel to none before in Pakistan. The concept revolves around building a community of likeminded families in a tasteful, serene and resort like getaway setting.

    The Country Club offers its distinguished members the environment and services that satisfy their sports, social and business needs and interests while offering a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

    Surrounded by the magnificent acres of landscaped gardens, 40 acres of mature lychee and mango orchards and lush Green fields, the setting is perfect for country estate.

    The tranquil fishing lakes add to the magic and offer tempting venue for camping by the lake. The estate sits in the heart of Balloki, off Multan Road, minutes from River Ravi.

    Greenfields Country Club is a family-oriented private club, centered AROUNG ITS GRAND TUDOUR STYLE CLUB HOUSE PEARCHED ON THE EDGE OF A LUSH CRICEKET GROUND. The resort also offers superb swimming facilities, private fresh water pools, cricket ground, rental chalets, spa, horse riding, fishing, skeet shooting, boating and tennis facilities. At Greenfields Country Club, it is more than a game ….. We take pride in being the first for setting a tradition of excellence you have not experienced before. WHEN WAS THE LAST YOU TOOK YOUR DAUGHTER FISHING OR CAMPED IN A MOON LIT NIGHT WITH YOUR SON???? YOU SEE WHAT WE MEAN…

    Lake side camping with scenic views, fishing lakes and specific spots at the facility can be booked in advance for a day out in the fields with your family.

    The club will organize sports, adventure, cuisine and social events throughout the year aimed and offering relaxing and entertaining value for our members as a part of life style package.


    Special holiday packages, with a complimentary airport pick up, accommodation currently available for 50 people at a time. Renting our large luxury chalets enables you to put several families or groups together. Everyone enjoys the comfort of full kitchens, multiple bathrooms and amenities like media rooms and games rooms in available in the larger homes where you can spread out but still be together.

    Safe and secure environment, with a conference facility available for board/company meetings, surrounded by the spectacular serenity of the country side. A number of restaurants set up in the vicinity, from fine dining to fast food by the pool side. Organic meals also prepared by in house chefs, with farm fresh products.

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